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Don’t put your customs in the washing and dryer. On paint never use: alcohol or acetone. Your custom sneakers is a piece of art and must be worn with care, It is not intended for everyday wear.


Does the day look bad? If you notice it’s going to rain, it’s best not to wear us. Once finished, each shoe is sprayed with a sneaker protector to ensure the design is safe and protected. We recommend that a protector be sprayed several times throughout the life of the shoes. In this link you can see our cleaning products.

Safe Place

Always look for a place, safe and cool. Free of humidity for your sneakers. In the link below you will find our ideal boxes to store your customs!


We know you want to take good care of your shoes. That’s why we have created our store (Care By Koala). There, you will find all the items that we are sure will extend the life of your customs.

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